How To Give Good Feedback

The answer to this question is 'problematic'. 20-May-16More

Fill This Space

We shouldn't flag opportunity, while despising it's provenance. 07-Jul-15More

A Bigger Picture

I'd never played with scale. Not on this scale. 20-Mar-14More

A Tale of Two Text Editors

Coda's broken tabs had me aching for v2. I shouldn't have bothered. But relief has been Sublime. 13-Sep-12More

I Want This Life

Mr Proto-Everything - sampling, ambience, obliqueness – what is there not to like. It's OK to be just a little green in respect of Mr Eno's world. 14-Sep-11More

Cardigan Aesthetic

Velit brunch cardigan aesthetic mlkshk photo booth: the sound of hipster ipsum - a new 'filler text' that was just too much fun not to leave in. 08-Sep-11More

A Place to Call Our Own

Lurking in the lab this site was a science project where Very Clever Things were to be achieved. Until 3 weeks ago when it was unceremoniously trashed. 04-Aug-11More