, is just out of the gate. No, not  the builder’s supplies store.

“Placemaking refers to a collaborative process by which we can shape our public realm in order to maximize shared value.” *

Most of our work has been to create a low friction userflow for invited activators to easily register, post, and map activations. But keeping it hard for bots to run amok with spam.

Unlike similar sites we wanted to make it reliable and easy enough for users to get on the map themselves, rather than having it done for them.

Although Drupal 8 doesn't yet have as wider range of extendability for user flow customisation as Drupal 7, we've been able to build on D8 in any case, and the Google Maps integration is much more stable and graphically more pleasing than comparative Wordpress solutions.   

With Placemaking Week itself being a proof of concept project, hopefully we'll get a chance to take this further in future.

Thanks to sponsor Panuku, project manager Catalyse, kit creators The Open Fort, brand designers Fresh Concept and Greer at Giraffe on comms. 

* From Project For Public Space