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Yes, the latest, greatest news in TGD space has to be the very site you have arrived at.

Initially a place to showcase the length and breadth of what we do, this site has slightly loftier aims. Over time, expect to find tools to help your organization communicate its value, a few forthright opinions, and a bit of inspiration.

Thanks to a bevy of beautiful projects to work on, it’s taken an achingly long time for timgummerdesign online to materialize. Actually there’s more to it than that – this site has long lurked in the lab as a kind of science project where all sorts of Very Clever Things were to be achieved. Until about three weeks ago when it was unceremoniously thrown out.

Instead, we decided to treat ourselves as our own client: We stared at each other across the room for a moment, before setting in motion our now comfortable agile workflow, and before we knew it, the band had tuned up, and things were grooving.

There was some concern I might end up plagiarizing myself. We need not have worried. An agile workflow allows for a lot of flexibility, and while that approach is generally associated with the propeller-head side of things, we’ve found it very beneficial with the creative process as well. Yes there are some longstanding elements of the TGD identity re-explored. But as with many projects we take on, this one has also been an opportunity to push at the boundaries of the brand.

As a Drupal CMS site – probably the main area we’ve pushed bit further is with taxonomy – AKA tagging. Under the hood we have four different sets of terms - vocabularies if you will, helping organise content in ways invisible and visible – such as the ability to navigate through different types of projects eg: by illustration, or CRM. Or, as will emerge as blog content does, to select not just by topic, but also to cater specifically to different audiences in the blog.

I meant to cover a wide range of design-related topics  - including fields well beyond web or even graphic design, that I hope will be of general interest. There will be some geekery, but it will be easy to avoid for regular humans, and easy-to-find for, well… the rest of us.

But most of all, finally, it’s just nice to be able to exist really.