Our Values

When it comes down to it, we just like to do good work; that makes the world a slightly better, rather than worse place than it otherwise would be.

And we think it’s kind of neat that effective design actually means designing with integrity: what’s projected reveals a truth about what’s within. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you’ll basically be on a hiding to nowhere – so we figure, why even try?

Similarly, our approach to client relationships has to be one of partnership, based on trust.

Much of the media /design biz has something of monetary myopia with their project mix. But life is more multifaceted than that, so our skills should be put to use similarly. We’re proud to be active across Culture, Community, and Commercial projects.

And because of the interconnectedness of all things, well yes.. along the way, trees will get hugged. Deal with it.

What We Do

You’re looking at a design led, Drupal and Wordpress powered, multi-media shop.

You’re hiring heads – not hands,  so you’ll probably get the best results from us as strategic partners, rather than suppliers. Projects don't manage themselves: we bring project management experience large and small – including assisting clients to develop their in-house communications capacity.

We work at the front end and out the back – from developing or extending identity across different media, to managing optimised hosting.

We develop and deliver via appropriate media - be it special paper or printing techniques, or enewsletters, Drupal-CMS-integrated-CRM, intranet, social media, ecommerce, or online apps.

We leverage frameworks: design grids, both Wordpress and Drupal Content Management Systems, and agile workflows – because they provide the freedom to focus on what really matters.


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Tim Gummer

The TG in TGD has over a dozen years designing, coding, content creating and developer-whispering (AKA project management) under his belt.

In a parallel universe as then supremo of art music label Rattle, he oversaw the release of a string of award-winning niche genre albums over 15 years, including project managing the mammoth View From Olympus by composer John Psathas, #1 selling ‘classical’ album in NZ for 6 months.

Scion of two generations of architects he’s oft heard shouting on the sidelines of his city’s stumblings towards liveability – mostly in the way of utility cycling advocacy; plotting revolution of the two-wheeled kind via the greatest design of all time.

Sebastián Bermúdez

Bringing a truly trans global media empire scale to the enterprise, Sebastian works out of Argentina, but shares the TGd capacity to pretty much always stay 'spiritually' in sync with projects whereever they may be.  

A long-time dedicated drupalista he's to be found getting physical with our php, and jazzy with our javascript.

And Seb is one for whom the words 'can't be done' have never been heard. 

Comrades in Arms

Over the years we should acknowledge the good folks at Fuzion - especially Chris Burgess & Eileen McNaughton,  Kent Parker (Passing Phase), Berend de Boer (Xplain),  Mike Dance, Gary Dance, Oleg Bhoukvalov (Weblab), Clint Hutzulak (Mutasis / Rayola), Paradigm Design, Gustavo Chiechelski.