Tiny Home Village website

And the popularity of a show like Living Large in a Tiny House, shows just how large the interest in tiny homes is right now. 

And for good reason: Tiny homes promise a way to live within our means - environmentally as well as financially. An order of magnitude less costly.

More than this, we crave social connection - and in this area we've already had an involvement, creating cohousing.org.nz to showcase collaborative housing communities across Aotearoa.

And so it was inevitable that at a certain point, these two movements - both new manifestations of successful historic models we have somehow lost – would come together.  

Tiny Home Villages are not new globally - with a number of examples already in place across the USA. But here, the concept is all new.

From our experience with  cohousing, TGd was approached to develop a small but perfectly formed web site for a nascent Tiny House Development project planned for Hamilton. Who said nothing good ever comes out of the Tron? 


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