Print… it's a tactile thing.

We've just launched Printlounge – the culmination of several years work with an extended design development team. 

Printlounge is an online print service catering for design pros, individual entrepreneurs, and companies. Users can upload finished art for a wide varity of artwork types or products, OR pick from a wide variety of design templates to layout their own  businesscard using our custom developed web app.

The client has made a serious commitment to both developing a strong brand identity, and doing something fresh in the printing spaces in New Zealand, and we've been buzzed to be a part of that. 

TGD took responsibility for brand development (including illustration), but we also got down and dirty on the functional side. Printlounge is developed on a strong Drupal foundation: we developed a number of custom modules including the Design Studio, and Ubercart (ecommerce) integration modules, along with a heavily customized admin UI for the client to manage their print production.  

And we oversaw the development of a range of premium business card templates including hands on design of over half of the 500 initial designs. 

The key driver throughout has been to develop an online environment that is easy, and fun to use. So yes, your Printlounge experience comes pre-set to Relaxomatic! 

Thanks to Printlounge people for a great opportunity to take it up a notch - or ten.