Just when I was starting to get set up in a new Kingland address, we've suffered a setback when one floor of the building was flooded.

Thanks to some sharp corner cutting by the buildings developers a washer faucet burst, while I was on another level, and so while electronics were mostly above the fray, so began a frantic scramble to save furniture, books and sanity.

Most of my hardcopy design library was still boxed on the floor  - so they're a goner. But after some industrial grade drying, we can start putting things back together.  

I'm indebted to my sister Claire and her partner Carol, who parachuted themselves in at a moments notice, with ghostbusters style, with some impressive carpet saving machinery.  There were nozzles involved, that's about as much as I could make out.

With one thing and another that's meant about a week out of production.

If there's a lesson from this - particularly for anyone building, like… buildings - don't skimp on the plumbing.