A number of Community-Led Development projects are underway, spanning web and print. 05-Feb-17More

The Word is… Wordpress

We're expanding our CMS offerings to more actively include the Wordpress platform, particularly for lighter projects. 15-Dec-16More

To The Green Fields of the Waikato

Starting Now: UX on a green fields project for Te Wānanga O Aotearoa 15-Oct-16More

Coho To Go

An online showcase for F2F connected living : 03-Dec-15More

UX Meets Service Design

We're prototyping a high concept webapp for Unitec, integrating UX with Service Design 01-Sep-15More

For The Kids

Part of a series of smart digital moves on the part of PHE Canada, we're redesigning – a critical bilingual physical educational resource for Canadian children. 15-Aug-15More


Some (building) developer's penny pinching has led to our workspace being flooded. And maybe there's a lesson from that? 19-Apr-15More

Bike East Bay Rolls Out

Bikes are good for everyone - even people who never ride them, and this project helped creat a power of good for people in East Bay California. About a billion dollars of good. 03-Feb-15More

All Natural Areas Access

It's been a delight to complete a project that has extended us on the inside just as much as the outside. 15-Aug-14More

The News is… We're Doing News

A major rebrand, redesign and functional upgrade for African news portal is underway. 10-Nov-13More