Our Values

Effective design means designing with integrity: when the outside reveals a truth about what’s within. As does effective project partnership: trust is all.

And while we need to be paid like the next guys, we’re more interested in open minds than open wallets – proud to be active in Culture, Community, and Commerce.

What We Do

Busy front and back – from designing identities that are print and pixel friendly, to building web solutions and managing hosting.

We work with different Content Management Systems but particularly Drupal - which powers some of the worlds largest (and smallest), effective sites. We could say more...

Our Work

Do see what we've done.

The latest and the greatest? Yes: some of our folio goes back-a-ways. That so much still stands up, is something we and clients are pretty happy about.

Thanks all the collaborators who have helped make these projects happen.


Fill This Space

Why we shouldn't flag this opportunity, while despising its provenance. 07-Jul-15

A Bigger Picture

In a decade of design I'd never gotten to the large scale, non-commercial graphics i'd contemplated. Until now. 20-Mar-14

A Tale of Two Text Editors

I ached for Coda 2 because version 1's tab metaphor was broken. Turned out I shouldn't have bothered. Relief however has been Sublime. 13-Sep-12

Behind the scenes this site has finally gotten a full drupal 7, responsive layout upgrade, and is still getting a content catch up. That out of the way, we're taking on new projects again.



Some (building) developer's penny pinching has led to our workspace being flooded. And maybe there's a lesson from that?

Bike East Bay Rolls Out

Bikes are good for everyone - even people who never ride them, and this project helped creat a power of good for people in East Bay California. About a billion dollars of good.

All Natural Areas Access

It's been a delight to complete a project that has extended us on the inside just as much as the outside.